Friday, 23 March 2012


The new catalogue has been released and available now. There have been some key additions to the line including the Surfer Full Zip Hoodie, Cali Beach Heathered Hoodie, Bali Beach Pant, Malibu Heathered Tee and tons of new colours! We've added brand new design templates and increased our decorating techniques to include Vintage Printed Canvas, Fusion Felt and Tight Vintage Yarn Stitch. Please visit the website or contact your sales rep to get the latest copy.

Thursday, 22 March 2012


New customers always ask "so who is Westhall Apparel"? They need to get their head around a vision of who they are talking with....a brief overview if you will, of who they are dealing with. The product it self is premium for sure, we pride ourselves on providing a product that consumers would happily pay top dollar for...but how we finish the goods...that's the real clincher. Before we brought on a team of designers to create the Westhall line, we were the leading experts of custom decoration. Although we offer many different applications our speciality is felt applique and yarn embroidery. We make the impossible.....possible! To view more about Westhall Apparel and all the ways we can make your brand stand above the rest, visit Please see below our most requested applications we do everyday! order(left to to bottom).. vintage screen, vintage printed canvas, distressed yarn, poly twill with satin stitch, poly pro-twill with zig zag, print and applique combo, low density felt applique, fusion felt, distressed applique, screen print and canvas applique!



Our newest addition to the Westhall Apparel line up is our new Cali Beach hoodie. Vintage is definitely in and our heathered hoods look great and feel even better. Flatlock stitching, flat cream draw cords, slight raw edging, extra long rib cuffs and waistband are just some of the features of the hoodie. Initial bookings of this product was extremely strong through the retail market for spring 2012. You can find it at University Bookstores, Muskoka retail stores, hockey pro shops among others. The Cali Beach Hoodie will be an instock item as of May 1st 2012. Contact your Westhall Sales Agent for ordering information or visit us online 

Finally Decorating Has No Limits

For years we have been decorating hood placement logos on the various locations of our hoodies. You get the finished product and just wish the embroidery backing wasn't so noticeable. Well as of today we are excited to introduce the W1464 FULL ZIP SURFER HOOD. Not only is the finished garment beautiful as it incorporates all our extras that go with our SURFER line of fleece, but we have incorporated a 12" hoodie access panel that is virtually undetectable. With this access you can now add Applique numbers and logos, print large areas of the hood and even add transfers to the hood! We've been able to have a print start on the outside of the hood and wrap around to the inside. The black example shown has a large applique leaf on the side of the hood. Previously there would have been a huge piece of backing on the inside ruining the look and feel, but now it looks completely custom and can be done in minimal numbers. The possibilities for sports teams, resort retail and corporate promotional hoodies are endless!